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“May you walk in beauty above you, beauty below you
beauty behind you, beauty surrounding you."
- Native American Prayer


Stillpoint... Living in Balance Newsletter

Spring 2009 Newsletter
Sedona, Arizona

Greetings from Stillpoint…Living in Balance…
Where every “body” matters!

It is spring, the time of rebirth and renewal, so fittingly, many new and exciting things are happening here that we would like to share with you.  We have grown and expanded in several different ways.  It is our desire to always continue to refine and grow as individuals and as a business.

We are so excited to announce the launch of our beautiful, new website. We, as always, have you, our trusted clients in mind, and therefore have taken an in depth look into what and how we can serve your needs even better.  In addition to our new website, we also have a new brochure, so if or when you are in town you can find our new 12 panel brochure in many of the racks located at many hotels and restaurants around town.

Sacred Sedona

We are very pleased to offer some brand new Sedona Massage Signature Sessions along with our two original trademarked sessions… our Stillpoint Session which is our blend of our full body integrative massage and our complete chakra clearing and balancing, and our Living in Balance Session  which is our original two and a half hour body work session infused with lymphatic drainage and cranial sacral therapies.

Our newest sessions are The Stillpoint…Living in Balance Sedona Massage Session combining The Stillpoint and The Living in Balance session into a deluxe three hour bodywork/energy session, The Stillpoint Aromastone which marries LaStone’s hot basalt stones with our unique and unprecedented use of essential oils, and finally, The Manifestation Session which utilizes the power of intention combined with tuning forks, essential oils and massage into a very powerful session to assist you in creating the life you desire.  We also have put together a mini-workshop, The Sedona Chakra Journey,  in which we teach some of our energetic balancing techniques for you to use in your life everyday…so you can continue the transformational Stillpoint Experience.

Sedona healing massage and energetics

In our future newsletters, we plan on focusing on some of the things that we know best… Sedona Massage, Energetics, Aromatherapy, and Body Mind Wellness.  We will be speaking and writing on individual essences, how they work and the amazing results we have seen using them with our clients and ourselves.  We will keep you updated on what is new and happening here at Stillpoint, so please look forward to upcoming dates for our future workshops/retreats.  The teachers within us are eagerly preparing to share the vast areas of knowledge that we two have gathered over the past 20 plus years, and look forward to passing on some of the effective tools that we can all use at times when we are feeling the need for balance in our lives.

We are now in our fourth year of practice and feel so honored and blessed to be living and working in Sedona where we are able to work with our local base of clients and in a place of such beauty that brings people from all over the world back here time and again.  We look forward to either our first encounter or to greet you once again back at our place of stillness…here at Stillpoint…Living in Balance.


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Essential Oil Spotlight

Spruces- Family: Pinaceae

Did you know that there are 6 different variety of spruces that we have available for you here at Stillpoint…Living in Balance?

They are: Black, Blue, Red, Norway, Sitka, and White Spruce. All spruces are grounding by nature. They also address many conditions on the physical plane. They are analgesic, antiviral, beneficial for the respiratory and immune system, aid in wet or dry asthma, contain natural cortisone chemo types to reduce pain and inflammation, muscle and joint pain and arthritis to name a few. They share many commonalities, yet there are distinct characteristics that each essence possesses.

Spruce essential oil

Black Spruce works with our shadow side in the realms of duality. Blue Spruce works with our 5th (throat) chakra helping one to speak their truth. Red Spruce works with our true passions and recognizing what they are. Norway Spruce works with the 3rd chakra, self esteem and personal power. She is a wonderful uplifter, especially in the dark days of winter. Sitka Spruce works with our 4th chakra helping us to live in our heart chakra. White Spruce works with the 7th and 8th chakras and beyond to help us connect to our Source Energy.

They are ancient essences from the conifer family. The very first trees here on Mother Earth.

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Stillpoint... Living in Balance
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Cynthia Brownley MS, NCTMB, LMT
Joy Musacchio MA, NCTMB, LMT
415 Juniper Drive Sedona, AZ 86336
Appointments: 928-301-0830

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