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"With each new day I put away the past and discover
the new beginnings I have been given.” – Angela L Wozniak


Sedona Massage Specials and Packages
Exclusively at Stillpoint…Living in Balance

The Stillpoint Release, Reconnect, and Re-create Session

We have combined three of our one of a kind signature sessions into this powerful bodywork experience

The Enhanced Chakra Balancing – The Reconnection – The Manifestation Session.

After a ceremony to set the energy and intention, this 2 hour session begins with a complete psychic healing and chakra/aura balancing to release patterns and energies that no longer serve you.  All energetic cords and  energies that are not yours, are cleared.  Once the old energies are cleared, we assist you in calling back the fragments of your energy that are “out there” in the cosmos. The intention is to help you feel that reconnection, that togetherness, the wholeness of your being.  Finally, in the manifestation…we assist you in creating and manifesting whatever you would like to bring into your life.

Specialized Energy Work, Massage, Crystals, Custom Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Smudging and Hot Stones synergistically are woven into this powerful session. 

The Stillpoint Release, Reconnect, and Re-create Session is offered at $235.00 for 2 hours for this limited time. Available ONLY here at Stillpoint…

Call 928-301-0830 to book this exclusive The Stillpoint Release, Reconnect, and Re-create Session...Only at Stillpoint!

The Ultimate Stillpoint…Living in Balance Session

This enhanced, extraordinary 3-hour experience is truly the ultimate bodywork session.

This treatment blends our highly sought after Stillpoint and our distinctive Living in Balance Sessions together. You will experience it all… a psychic healing, a comprehensive chakra clearing and balancing, detailed cranial sacral and lymphatic work, hot stones both for massage and placement, pure medicinal aromatherapy, crystal therapy, oxygen therapy and specialized reflexology infused into an amazing full body therapeutic massage. This unprecedented session is an incredible journey that allows you to release, rebalance and renew on all levels within your being.

Due to repeated requests, we have enhanced this session with:
Vibrational sound healing, Manifestation, Custom aroma stones and Extended oxygen therapy.

The Ultimate Stillpoint Living in Balance Session is offered at $375 for 3 hours for this limited time. Available ONLY here at Stillpoint…

Introducing the Stillpoint Lympho-Detox Packages

The lymphatic system wasn’t well known or understood until recently.  In the past few years, the public at large has become acutely aware of the importance of a healthy lymphatic system and its role in supporting a healthy immune system and removal of toxic wastes from our cells.

Many of our clients have expressed interest in assisting their lymphatic system.  We have incorporated many different techniques into our practice because we, ourselves, have an intense interest in maintaining a healthy lymphatic, and in turn, a healthy body.  We have three levels of lymphatic training with Bruno Chikly and the Upledger Institute and are trained to drain not only the major lymph nodes of the body, but also the viscera (organs) as well as the bones, ears, eyes, nose and mouth to assist in various conditions.

We also have found some adjunctive therapies that we have incorporated into our practice to assist our clients in achieving optimum lymphatic health.  We have put together some unique packages for those of you who also might have such an interest in supporting your immune and lymphatic systems.

Basic Lympho-Detox Package

Ionic Detox Footbath
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Session
Oxygen Therapy
$175 for 90 minutes

Deluxe Lympho-Detox Package

Ionic Detox Footbath
Specific Reflexology
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Session
Oxygen Therapy
$225 for 125 minutes

The Ionic footbath draw toxins and impurities out of the body easily and effortlessly, the Lymphatic Drainage Therapy facilitates the movement of lymph, which drains  toxins from the system as well as boosts the immune system, the sea salt scrub is extremely detoxifying and purifying to your system in addition to gently exfoliating the skin, the specific reflexology  strengthens both the lymphatic system and the immune system, and finally the oxygen therapy infuses the body with freshly oxygenated blood to feed all the cells.

Call 928-301-0830 to book your Sedona Lympho-Detox Package!

The Stillpoint Manifestation Aromastone

We are offering a combination of two of our Signature Sessions…
The Stillpoint Aromastone and The Manifestation Massage. 
This one of a kind session was reviewed in the April/May edition of The Four Corners Magazine. Read the article here

The Manifestation Session Sedona Massage includes eight medicinal - grade essential oils

The Manifestation Session

This session combines the power of intention, focus, and bodywork to assist you in creating and manifesting whatever you would like to bring into your life! The power of the number eight is utilized in this compelling manifestational massage. Eight… a symbol of new beginnings, prosperity, success…a magnifier of all things…The massage is completed in segments of eight… using sound vibration of 8 tuning forks to open up eight energy centers in the body as well as eight medicinal - grade essential oils, specifically chosen to call in whatever it is you are desiring. Now is the time to attract the life you wish to live…

The Stillpoint Aromastone

The Stillpoint Aromastone Sedona Massage includes pure, medicinal grade aromatherapy.We have taken the magic of the hot stones and combined it with the amazing power of the plant and tree kingdom in this session. The grounding energy of the basalt stones combined with the uplifting and spiritual properties of our medicinal-grade essential oils create an opportunity for unbelievable depth of connection and healing. This session is transformational and allows the body to release pain and tension on all levels. As in our premier aromassage, the essences selected are based on your particular needs to balance and harmonize all the systems of the body, mind, and soul. As in LaStone the hot rocks melt deep into the muscles helping you to feel grounded, relaxed, whole and restored. This Aromastone enables you to be fully present in your body. A delicious sensory experience not to be missed!

The Stillpoint Manifestation Aromastone is offered at $235.00 for 2 hours for this limited time. Available ONLY here at Stillpoint…

Call 928-301-0830 to book this exclusive Manifestation Aromastone Sedona Massage...Only at Stillpoint!


“Today well lived makes every yesterday a Dream of Happiness
and every tomorrow a Vision of Hope.”
 -  Native American Wisdom


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"It was so nice to see you again and experience the Manifestation Massage Session. I have to tell you...I  kept smelling the scents through the next three days we stayed in Sedona. This, though not impossible, was unusual..."
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