In the four years that I've been writing and blogging about Sedona, Arizona, I've had the opportunity to have a handful of spa massages that have been as relaxing as one might expect. But when I was blessed enough to experience Stillpoint...Living in Balance, I ran headlong into the unexpected. Joy and Cynthia, you welcomed me into your home studio and immediately I knew that this was going to be different than just a spa massage. Thank you for spending time with me, explaining your techniques and breadth of knowledge. Your deep expertise is wrapped tightly in a cocoon of spirituality, intuition and care. As your guest, I felt similarly enveloped in warmth and comfort and couldn't wait to experience my treatment - the Stillpoint Session.

The Stillpoint Session was a profound experience for me; it was a catalyst for an emotional release of joy and tears, the likes of which I had never experienced during massage. And though the energy work was a "no-touch" technique, I physically felt Cynthia's "touch" tapping me - again, the unexpected.

My sincerest thanks to both of you,

Christina Hecht

Disclosure: Stillpoint...Living in Balance is a paid advertiser on my company's travel site,, and the session I received was complimentary. I was not asked to write a review or give a testimonial - I just loved my experience so much that I wanted everyone to know about it.