When I first came to Sedona, I wanted to find a really special healing/massage practice, where the practitioners were highly qualified, creative, energy aware, and capable of working outside of the artificial definitions we have of different modalities. I tried many therapists, but did not find what I was looking for until I found myself standing on a peaceful porch, listening to wind chimes, at Stillpoint’s front door. And at that moment, I can say with complete honesty, I discovered the two most talented masseuses / healer / energy workers I have ever meet.

In my consultations with Joy I received an unhurried, bespoke session tailored to my needs. Best of all, she could call on her skills not only in terms of massage, and its many varieties, but also energy healing, aromatherapy and techniques to improve the quality of my thinking and ability to find my own, inner spiritual guidance.

And I guess the great gift for me was my discovery after the treatments that a truly integrated approach produces truly integrated healing. Every time my husband and I return to Sedona, we book in  - I see Joy, and he sees Cynthia. He is a dyed in the wool cynic about many of the therapies on offer in Sedona, but in terms of Still point, he is a fan.

My life in the UK is that of a busy clinician/manager in our NHS, running a treatment service in the inner city for addicts. Seeing Joy significantly improved the chronic fatigue symptoms I had experienced for years, and her advice and continued support is helping me get through caring for my father who has terminal cancer.

From the point of view of a health care professional whose job it is to hire and supervise other healthcare professionals, I can also say with real confidence that Joy and Cynthia are true professionals, with excellent boundaries and a commitment to co-going professional and personal development to support their practice.

I’m back in Sedona next October, and my first port of call will be, as always, Still point – and I’ll be making sure my guests have the Still point experience as well.  

Sian James - UK