Stillpoint…Living in Balance has been in my life for three years, having been recommended by a metaphysician who has lived over 25 years in Sedona…and now I recommend Stillpoint wholeheartedly. I see Joy on a regular basis and discover that her work goes far beyond massaging the body. She is a true healer and her repertoire, tools, training, are beyond what I have experienced with any other massage therapist in Arizona, California, and Oregon. I am especially pleased to have taken advantage of the oxygen therapy while I am on the table during my session. Cynthia and Joy are the first (and perhaps only) healers who incorporate this into their work. Another magnificent treat available at Stillpoint, I you want to give yourself a beautiful gift: the three hour Signature Session called The Stillpoint Living in Balance Session. This includes many energetic, metaphysical, and spiritual experiences beyond what is offered in the regular massage. What a fantastic treat!

Merina Yemaya Santori